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Philip Melugin Announces Phoenix Home Care Expanding to Kansas
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    Philip Melugin | Growth of Home Health Care

    Philip Melugin has seen quite a few changes in more than two decades in the business. The president and owner of Phoenix Home Care has watched as technology changed the nature of care for many patients. In recent years, however, Philip Melugin has observed a trend toward old-fashioned home visits, with an aging population driving the need for home-based medical treatment and care.

    The statistics are hard to ignore. With more than 50 million Americans now over the age of 65, the healthcare industry in general is already seeing significant growth. By the year 2023, the number of Americans above the age of 65 is expected to be in the 70 million range. While it’s safe to say not all of those residents will need in-home care, Philip Melugin emphasizes that the services provided by Phoenix Home Care aren’t limited to only those clients who cannot leave the house.

    The company focuses on helping clients find their independence. Philip Melugin says that the team at Phoenix Home Care comes into an individual’s home and works to help in a variety of ways. For some clients, this may mean rehabilitative or occupational therapy in order to help someone resume everyday activities. Phoenix Home Care also provides services like making a home safe for a client, important for someone who is adjusting to a new wheelchair or recovering after a stroke.

    Philip Melugin believes in renewal, which is symbolic in the name of his company, Phoenix Home Care. Home healthcare gives clients a chance to find a new beginning, at times regaining independence and freedom. It is that mission that drives Phoenix Home Care, reports Philip Melugin.

    Currently, more than 12 million people in America receive home healthcare, with Medicare serving as the top payer of home health services. But the elderly aren’t the only ones utilizing home health services. Philip Melugin ’s staff provides services to people of all ages who are recovering from injuries and learning to live with disabilities. Phoenix Home Care also provides assistance to children with disabilities, Philip Melugin points out, including blood draws and injections.

    Philip Melugin explains that Phoenix Home Care also offers “Mom and Baby…New Beginnings” care. Whether initiated by the parents themselves or offered as a gift from a family member or friend, Phoenix Home Care can provide in-home care for babies, including working with the new mom to help her adjust to her new role.

    Home health care is a growing field that is continuing to expand with each year. Philip Melugin and his team at Phoenix Home Care are dedicated to helping clients with a variety of needs in the convenience of their own home. For more information, visit

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